Collector Box

Karin Sander

The fifth Collector’s Edition Box features the art of Karin Sander as The Laughing Cow® prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2021.


Collector Box

Wim Delvoye

After Hans-Peter Feldmann, Thomas Bayrle, and Jonathan Monk, in 2017 Lab’Bel has invited Belgian visual artist Wim Delvoye to design its fourth Collector’s Edition Box. Wim Delvoye produces a kind of value-emulsion, a hybrid of mass-product and uniqueness.


Collector Box

Jonathan Monk

The Laughing Cow® continues to prepare for its 100th anniversary in 2021 with a third
Collector’s Edition Box signed by artist Jonathan Monk.

In his work, artist Jonathan Monk often uses works and design concepts by other well-known artists. With Collector’s Edition Box #3, Jonathan Monk has appropriated a different kind of “original”: the famous French brand The Laughing Cow®.


Collector Box

Thomas Bayrle

Thomas Bayrle is a German artist. His pictures, graphic works, sculptures and objects, closely related to Pop Art, have brought him international recognition. His work also includes room installations, digital media and video films.


Collector Box

Hans-Peter Feldmann

The Hans-Peter Feldmann Collector’s Edition Box is the first creation in a se- ries of collaborations that the Bel Group and their artistic laboratory, Lab’Bel, have put in place with international contemporary artists, in preparation for the 100th anniversary of The Laughing Cow® cheese in the spring of 2021.

Through its nature and means of distribution, this proposal constitutes a rather unique event in the history of the brand.